Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Reckless Hope

First full day of our trip and we had the pleasure of doing water truck day...an awesome way to start a week! This being my third time in Haiti in a year, I knew exactly what to expect but at the same time each experience can be very different. This isn't a negative difference. Seeing similar faces yet also all new, almost giving you a moment of surreal because you just expect people to stay the same. What stays the same is that the people still need water and still need us to show how much people care for them. God uses people like me, overflowing with his cup, to spill his love out recklessly.

Water is a thing we take for granted back home, which makes it hard to work the water truck line because you want to save all the water you can. I am reminded by mental whispers that the overpouring and splashing of water is like how God pours into us; His desire for us is to reach for his cup and for our thirst to to be quenched ten fold so that we can overflow onto others...reckless love.

There has been something wonderful happening to cite de sole and that is in the form of Hope church/clinic. I was in such awe seeing the changes from my first trip to this one, wow God really loves the people there; so do I, probably why he has me serving here in Haiti :). This place is such a blessing for the community and they still need more services...I'm not worried, the power of God has done this much here already and He will continue to pour out to the least of the people of this world. I think of anyone and thing that God has used for his will and they usually are the smallest or weak in the eyes of man, but when his glory is involved, He makes it known that his power can make anything greater than that of man.