Wednesday, October 25, 2017

KCC D3: Dichotomy in various ways?

Day 3:  Part of our team (our media members) were out early (and home late) to work on a special and exciting project for KCC.  For the rest of us, our morning worship focused on our planned trip to a hospital.  Simply said, everything we bring to Haiti is a gift from God and the recognition that even our ability to be the hands and feet of Jesus is a miracle for us and those we touch,  Our travel to the hospital was a lengthy and bumpy tap tap ride which took us through the heart of Port-au-Prince.  Traffic was heavy (and crazy!)  We witnessed much sidewalk commerce and experienced the many sounds, smells, and sites of Haiti's capital.  Our hospital visit simply involved comforting the men, women, (and children) with fellowship, fingernail painting for women and praying for their wants and needs.  We had an opportunity to visit the Haitian National Museum and received a personal detailed tour which chronicles the history of Haiti and its people.  The background certainly provided a deeper understanding of the origins of Haiti and our relationship to its people today.  And as always, the Guesthouse staff provided another fantastic meal upon our return.  Our media members arrived home safe and sound after dinner.  Evening devotion and worship time again dove into our emotions and word of the day.  By our words, I suspect you may identify the small group of our team who explored the Haitian island while others of us explored Port-au-Prince (both very important [and contrasting] parts of our mission):

  • Obedience (in serving God in ways that challenged our comfort zones)
  • Breathtaking
  • Caring
  • History
  • Chains (visuals at the museum related to various human struggles)
  • Nightingale
  • Dichotomy (in our experiences of the day)
  • Excited
  • Privileged
  • Confirmation (in our service to Haiti)
  • Inspired (by others on the team and their actions)
  • DO
  • Chaos (of the city)
  • Bonding (on the tap tap)
  • Fun
Our voices again filled the evening air with song and spirit.  

A Reflection:
My word from the above list is "dichotomy".  I came to me during devotion as a reflection of the noisy chaos of city life and traffic cast against the serenity of caring and inspiration we felt at the hospital.  This blogger, in composing our message realized that God demonstrated this word again to the team though a planned testimonial by one team member and the impromptu sharing by another.  Both powerful stories certainly illustrated the dichotomy of life journeys with God, some very early, natural and easy, others that may be filled with many challenges and struggles and often seen as "hard".  Nonetheless, with Jesus in each of their hearts, the future for both is certain, and the same, eternal salvation with God in Heaven.  Thanks for your interest, love, and support. Til tomorrow, Mike and our entire team.  Glwa pou Bondye.