Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Water for Friends - Living Waters Team

Today was water truck day, and we made deliveries to three different locations in Cite Soleil. At each stop the smiles from the Haitians were endless and infectious.  Immediately we were welcomed with a chorus of  "hey you, hey you", as the younger kids gathered around our transport (called the Tap-Tap).  The time spent at each destination seemed to fly by, as you methodically transition between hugging and carrying children, and hauling water.  Is it possible to develop a lasting friendship in less than an hour?  Well, as scripture tells us, "...with God, all things are possible" (Mathew 19:26).  At the first stop we made I was befriended by Oseesi, an eight year old Haitian boy who absolutely warmed my soul.  Oseesi held my hand when I carried water buckets, and was attached to my hip when returning for more. We shared a long embrace when it was time to leave, and let each other know that we are loved by Jesus.  As we were driving away I heard my name being called out.  It was my new friend Oseesi, running alongside the Tap-Tap.  I do not know how far away the next stop was, but after disembarking, and through a swarm of new faces, and cries of "hey you", I again heard my name called out in the familiar voice of my little friend, Oseesi. He stayed close to me the whole time at this stop too.  How cool is that!  I will cherish this day and the memory of my new friend, and I know that I know, deep in my heart, that it will most certainly last!