Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 7 The Sabbath Day ~ Surrender ~ Day 8 Journey Home

Day 7:  The Sabbath Day - Surrender:

Our day of rest started at PAP Fellowship church for missionaries in Haiti.  We enjoyed the music and sermon of Pastor Dan.  His message touched on surrendering to the Lord and how there is power in the name of Jesus.!  A road trip to the mountains included a stop along the way for a little shopping from local Haitian artisans and merchants.  The view from the peak was spectacular as we could see all of Port-au-Prince including Cite Soleil.  The mountain communities certainly were a contrast to the poverty we had seen earlier but important for us to experience.

Upon return to the guest house, the guys had a 4 on 4 soccer match with the neighborhood boys next door while the gals bonded with some other boys as they watched us.  The Haitian boys took it easy on us and it was really fun.  Their footwork (in bare feet!) could not be matched except maybe Dan.  He’s pretty good!  Fellowship on Sunday night included individual reflections from the week.  It was a spiritual experience and we concluded our night with communion in honor of God.  It was a peaceful and relaxing day.

Day 8: Our Last Day - The Journey Home

We started our long day ahead with our daily hearty breakfast prepared by the beautiful ladies of the Guest House.
  • Scrambled Eggs with peppers, onions, cheese and a little diced chicken.
  •  Haiti Oatmeal with a little allspice and evaporated milk
  • French Toast
  • Fresh Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Avocado
  • Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
  • Spicy Peanut Butter & Hot Sauce

We had the opportunity before leaving for the airport to visit a small Haitian business:  Peace Cycle.  In Port-au-Prince, clean drinking water is sold in small sealed plastic bags approximately 4 oz in volume.  Millions of the water bags are sold and typically discarded in the street trash every day!  Peace Cycle collects and recycles about 500 of these bags daily through family members, church members, and friends and re-purposes the plastic into various products.  We toured the operation and observed the fascinating process of producing the “raw plastic materials” that are then outsourced to local individuals who sew the plastic material into finished products like lunch bags, wine holders, and tote bags.  It’s one small step towards trash reduction and provides jobs in Haiti.  They may be found on the web at:  PeaceCYCLE.com .

Our visit with Healing Haiti concluded with hugs to our gracious Hosts and the entire Guest House/ Tap-Tap / Interpreter Staff.

At the airport, we said our “farewells for now” to Charlie, our Healing Haiti Leader.  His co-leadership with Manny made this a remarkable journey and testament to the Power of God working through our hands, feet, and hearts.  Thank you Lord, for your guidance and grace.  We are all blessed to take home our memories to share with those we love, our family, friends and supporters, and the entire KCC community.  Until our next KCC Haiti trip…Thank you and God Bless!

Post Script:  To all our followers, I want to thank you personally for your support and encouragement.  This has been a personal and public experience for me.  I truly thank my teammates for their love and patience with me:  
  • Charlie K
  • Manny C
  • Suz C
  • Kate B
  • Dan C
  • Kara C
  • Mary H
  • Rose B

It’s not everyday that someone gets blessed by God with Baptism in front of 800+ people and then leaves on a mission trip at 5:44 am the next day.  The last eight days has simply transformed me and I have surrendered my heart to Jesus.  I only hope that I can hold up to His plan for me.  And, I know that with Him anything is possible.  May God Bless you all!

Glwa pou Bondye!
I love you.
Michael Alfred Gee 

God is on the Move!!!