Saturday, July 13, 2019

Day 5 Clinic Water Truck Fleri Farm Stop 17 Play

Today was another hot and dusty day under the Haitian sun, but full of fun, smiles and children!  We started out the day by getting a quick tour of the clinic since we were leaving two of our team who were medical with Dr. Mosman and his PA, Amanda, at the clinic to shadow and learn the inside workings of Hope Clinic. 

Since we were down to just 4 team members on our team we joined up with the other large team from Minnesota and toured the Fleri Farm. It is in the cul-de-sac area of Cite Soleil and very good farmland. Kenny, the long-term missionary who is most involved in the farm, gave us a great tour and it's so cool to see his passion for all things Fleri Farm and to hear of the dreams and potential for the land. They want so much to elevate the Haitians and their economy and not compete with them so there are so many things to consider as they develop the vision.

Then we went back to help unload water in Cite Soleil. As always the children were full of smiles and love to give and receive. Almost all really love to get their picture taken and then of course we need to show it to them in the viewer and they invariably laugh at themselves. The girls like to pose like models with a pouty face and the boys have to do their hands like rappers do on tv. 

 There was a lot of water-carrying going on and our young people are so willing to help!

After we completed water trucking, we went and played with local children at stop 17 playday. Many of the children organized a soccer game with us and it was so much fun! Others were jumping rope, coloring and drawing, or dancing to music. It was such a beautiful day and all of the locals at Cite Soleil were so bright once again.

 After being worn out by the kids and the heat we returned to the Guesthouse to enjoy a delicious-as- always meal prepared by the wonderful guesthouse ladies. They take such good care of us and are so appreciated by us and all teams that come to serve. We couldn't do what we do without their help to get us through the week!