Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Travel, arrival and first day in Haiti Team 2 Gambino/Hanson

We have safely arrived in Haiti after a whirlwind of smooth travel from Minneapolis to a short night in Miami and an early flight from Miami to Port-au-Prince. We arrived to a relatively calm airport and welcome heat. After a brief wait in the airport parking lot we were greeted by our Healing Haiti staff and our Tap-Tap. Out into the loud and exciting traffic of Port-au-Prince and to the Guest House.

How nice to get settled in, have a delicious breakfast and a briefing of our first day in country.

 Away we go! Our first stop was to the Metal Market where Haitian artisans create amazing work in metals and the art of the haggle is tried on by a bunch of Minnesotans. Haggling is an art form in and of itself that is expected and done with a certain flourish by those more adept. After a few purchases we were off to our next adventure. Monfort School for Deaf Students,

What an amazing place Monfort is. We were given a short tour of the school and then of the grounds that included a farm on which they have goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, cattle, plantain trees, cabbages, mango, papaya, eggplants, avocados and more. Monfort serves 380 students of which 160 live on the grounds. After our tour we were able to spend some time playing with the children once they were done with their school day. What a wonderful, upbeat and glorious group of children they are. Even though many of us had not slept much since leaving Minnesota we were energized and uplifted!

Upon our return to the Guest House we find ourselves tired but quite content and filled with the joy of the wonderful Haitian people.

We now await what wonderful adventures await us in the coming days!

Glwa Pou Bondje!