Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SVCC Serving Day #2- Water Truck, Fleri Farm

This morning we woke up and ate another great meal that the lovely lady’s in the house cooked for us. Our adventure began in the tap- tap like most of the other days do. The conversations we have with each other on the way to each of our cites usually include many jokes about Izzy trying to pet all of the baby goats we see on the streets as we’re passing by them. I’m for sure going to miss Izzy talking about how cute the goats are when I return back home. We had a couple of activities planned for us today. The first one was delivering water to two different parts of Cite Soleil. Most of us have never gotten the chance to experience delivering water in that type of setting. Everything went really smooth and we had the opportunity to experience through all of our own eyes what God is doing to the people of this country. We were able to provide an endless number of hugs and were able to help carry buckets of water to people’s homes. It was truly a blessing to be a part of what they call their “daily life”. After we delivered water, we were able to walk through the streets to the newly built “Hope Church”. There we got to learn all about the history of the church and got to help feed the children that go to school there. Our final stop was at “Fleri Farms”. There we got to meet a man named Kenny who was brought to the healing organization to help with job creation in Haiti. It’s truly amazing to see who God is bringing into this organization and country to help get this beautiful country back on its feet. We got back to the guest house, showered and cleaned up for dinner. Tonight we talked and reflected on our day with each other. We had so many great conversations about how we see God all throughout this country. He’s not just in the people, He’s in the beautiful flowers and sunrises too.