Sunday, November 18, 2018

Central Church Day 5 Full of Grace

Today was a day for Grace. We started with honoring the lives lost in the earthquake of 2010. On the outskirts of Titanyen, overlooking the ocean lies a hillside (St. Cristophe) that is the resting place of over 300,000 men, women, and children. There was such a beautiful silence as our interpreter searched for the words to respectfully describe where we were. The pain is still very raw to many.

There were so many who died that there wasn't enough room in the cemeteries to bury them all so the government decided to dig a mass hole and deliver them there. They then filled the hole and for 8 years have been slowing working on the memorial sight. After he finished sharing with us. The only thing we really wanted to do was pray with them surrounded the center square of the site. So that's what we did. Even though the site was very much unfinished (as many buildings are in Haiti), you can plainly
envision the memorial they want there for their loved ones.

We then went to Grace Village. A light of hope in the heart of Titanyen, this almost 50 acre lot is the home of over 60 orphans, 400 school children, and 3 missionaries and their families. There's an up to date innovation center donated by our very own Central Church, a beautiful playground donated by a city in Minnesota that's centered in the middle, a vegetable and herb garden, and the only local medical and dental clinic that is the lowest cost within a 4 hour radius.

Down the hill, in town, lies a local church, alongside the bakery and cafe. Fleri Bakery has 25 employees, all locally run. They sell their bread to hotels, shops, and to locals so they can sell it on the streets and get the profit to support their families.

Grace Village also manages many local programs to include an elder care that brings a warm meal to some of the elderly int he congregation of the church. If they need a ride to church, help getting to the clinic, or maybe some other practical needs. Healing Haiti through Grace Church walks alongside them to make sure they are cared for. During their daily trips today we got to sing, provide the meal, pray for, and wash the feet of 4 ladies in the community. We were honored and humbled to be able to share this memory with them. There is so much more to this beautiful city, but you will have to come see for yourself.

Below are the Words for the Day
Laurie - Commitment
Rebecca - Vulnerable
Sam - Community
Nancy - Healing
Steve - Expression
Eryka - Uncomfortable
Kate - Life
Melissa - Reverent
Zach - Charactorics
Amanda - Real
Melanie - Impact
Tara - Love
Becca - Inspired
Christa - Restoration
Michael - Intimacy

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