Thursday, October 18, 2018

Haiti Team 2; Oct. 18,2018

   Last night several members of both teams had some significant stomach distress. This morning most felt improved but Charlie was uncomfortable. Despite our urging to take the day off, he insisted on accompanying us on the trip.
   Coffee was started a 6:30 am.
   Breakfast included french toast, juice, avocados, mango, oatmeal, scrambled eggs.
   Our first stop was at Haiti Design Company Boutique and Workshop. We had a tour of the work area and met workers and observed some of the shop employees doing their jobs. We supported the economy by purchasing some beautifully made products. Iced coffee, smoothies and other choices were purchased and we all sat up on the rooftop patio in a cool breeze while enjoying the shop managers company, (Tess)
   Next stop was at Sweet Home Orphanage. The children were in good spirits and seemed pleased to have us there. They were all neatly groomed and wore matching attractive uniforms. We played for about 30 minutes on the swings, "keep away", and various children's playground activities.
    LaPhare Orphanage was our next stop. The children were attentive to Kathleens'  Faith Presentation."  She colored water with dye and said the change was like our pure lives being tainted by sin. She then added bleach to neutralize the dye and the water cleared. This is like our sins being forgiven by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. She described how Jesus desires a personal relationship with each of us. She gave an example of a simple personal prayer to God.
   We described the life cycle of a butterfly and compared the change from egg to caterpillar and from cocoon to butterfly . These dramatic life changes were compared those that take place in those who invite Jesus into their lives.
   We then spent nearly 45 minutes playing jump rope,catch, coloring,beading and holding the children.
    All the children were beautiful today and we felt gratitude and blessed to have them share their lives with us.
    We met Team 1 at the pool and wound down with socializing there.
    Dinner was a Haitian style meal. Chicken legs, kibby, coleslaw,dark  rice and beans, potatoes and carrots with broth, and a squash like veggie.