Saturday, May 19, 2018

SVCC Day #5 - Water Truck, Papillon

Boy oh boy, what an amazing day the Lord provided for us today in Haiti! It is always great to start the day out with the wonderful breakfast that is provided by the Healing Haiti guest house staff. It is a great way to start the day before we are away from the house and out in the field. The first thing we got to do today was head over to Cite Soliel to deliver fresh water to those living there. It is a blessing that while we are filling buckets with water for people to take to their homes we are also able to spend time playing with the local children. Children ranging in age from babies all the way up to teenagers, all of whom equally enjoy getting the love and attention that we are able to show them. In addition to those things we also make ourselves available to help whoever asks us to help them with getting their water buckets as close to their homes as we can. We were then able to stay in Cite Soliel to simply spend quality time playing with the kids in the neighborhood. We had brought with a few different toys for us to enjoy with the kids. From playing catch with balls and frisbees to getting a soccer game going in the middle of the street. We were also able to play games such as tag and other such fun things as simply running and chasing each other around or to just share the love we have in us with them by sitting and holding smaller children in our laps, or in some cases putting an arm around some of the older kids who sometimes need to feel the love we share just as much as the little ones. Following up this time with meeting our water truck at another stop a few neighborhoods away. Again we did what we do with water deliveries, filling buckets, helping carry them to where people need to get them, play with and hold and share whatever love God has filled us with out to the children of Haiti. Later in the day we were able to visit Papillon which used to be The ApParent Project. It is truly amazing what the Lord has been able to do in this organization to help bring job creation to the people of Haiti. By this there have been many families that have been able to stay intact. The growth of this company over the years is astounding! It has blessed my heart in just the last few years of me coming down here on mission trips to see them continue to grow and add new and exciting products to their brand. It is also incredible to hear and see the way that they take care of their employees. It is so evident that they have their focus on what is best for the people they employ and the overall wellbeing of their families. It is also was a nice opportunity to be able to help this company help those they employ by spending some time shopping and in turn spending money at their shop which helps them do what they do for the people of Haiti. They also have a nice cafĂ© above the store that provided our team an opportunity to sit back with a refreshment and enjoy some quality time together talking and laughing together.    

~ Nate