Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cite Soleil

Started the day off by going to Fleri Farm and getting a tour of all the different plants and food that they grow: mangos, coconuts, papayas, limes, avocados, sugar cane, etc. One of the men cut us each open a coconut to try - definitely fresher than what we have in the U.S.
The rest of the day was spent "doing" water truck. A tank truck was filled with clean water, and we then distributed this water to three different locations in Cite Soleil. People were lined up behind the truck with their pails and containers to bring back to their home. Our team rotated dispensing the water, helping carry the containers to where they needed to go, and just playing with the children that flocked to our side. They were very eager to be held and loved having their picture taken.
The day concluded with the women at the guesthouse making us a traditional Haitian meal: Rice and beans, meatballs, chicken legs, fried plantains, and potato & carrot stew.

- Hannah & Bean