Thursday, April 28, 2016

Water Day #2 and Visit to Montfort

Today is Thursday! It was a sunny morning that we woke up to see. We started the day with a good breakfast and a devotion about how we are often stretched in our personal lives like rubber bands. We prayed for wisdom to know what our priorities are in life and to take care of our own health as we serve others. We took off at 9 am to Cite Soleil to meet water trucks at the areas that needed water the most, areas #19 and #21were filled with children happy to see us and lots of buckets to fill.  We went back to the Guest House and changed our clothes quickly to go to the Montfort Institute and visit with the deaf students. We were excited to see them using American Sign Language with us and many shared happy moments learning how similar we are.  We were lucky enough to catch the kids together celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of their school.  We stayed to watch their celebration with the partner hearing school and donated 2 suitcases of clothes, soccer balls and children's French books. From there we went to a local market that sells metal art that we all enjoyed. We had Haitian food for dinner tonight - Chicken wings, Haitian Meatballs, Rice with beans, Potatoes, Beets, spicy Cole Slaw, and fried Plantains. It was a good dinner for us all to try. We had our evening devotion and our daily words to share. After a short rest we went out for an evening swim at the pool. We will be heading to Leveque tomorrow for the day. Have a good night!