Saturday, January 5, 2019

Totino-Grace Day 6

Today we went to La Loo orphanage at the center of Port-au-Prince. As we arrived, children scurried downstairs from their daily chores. We were greeted with smiles and the tightest hugs. Through the morning, we played what felt like a million chalk games such as hopscotch. Jake got his butt kicked at tick-tac-toe. Meanwhile, Alani, Kate, Grace, and Nicole felt the love and excruciating pain of having their hair braided by a Haitian girl. Lauryn loved playing tag with a few girls. After a joyful and sweaty morning, we boarded the tap-tap and cruised up the bumpy mountain.
            We stopped halfway up to shop the beautiful handmade metal art at an endless series of makeshift shops. We all learned to haggle where Kate artfully negotiated her way from $20 to $7 for a bowl and some of the others asked for a lower price but then quickly gave up and said “take the money.” At the top of the mountain we saw an unbelievable view of Haiti and after some shopping came home, showered up, and went salsa dancing at a hotel down the road. We are sad for this trip to end but look forward to sleep and a more restful Sunday at the beach.

Superlatives of the day:

Most likely to secretly not be a true ginger and just dye her hair that color: Grace
Most likely to barter for a higher price: Henry
Most likely to professionally take up bartering: Lauryn
Most likely to come back with a bald spot: Alani
Most likely to befriend a merchant named Michand and get free items: Jake
Most likely to spontaneously drop into the splits: Ellie
Most likely to have gone to an awkward middle school dance: Sarah
Most likely to dislocate her knees while salsa dancing: Kate
Most likely to be in a Haitian rap band: Noah
Most likely to know every Taylor Swift song by heart: Eric
Most likely to break the piano: Natalya
Most likely to major in bracelet making: Nicole
Most likely to use the walkaway technique to barter: Tom