Thursday, August 1, 2019

Woodridge High School Day 4

Hey everyone! Today we got to return to City Soleil and play with the kids near Hope Church. We then visited a summer camp called Sakala. Read all about it in the blogs!

Word of the Day
Liza -- Determined
Alyssa -- Strength 
Halle -- Eventful 
Aiydan -- Loving 
Johanna -- Dependence 
Morgan -- Greeting 
Lea -- Children 
Claire -- Crayons 
Raegan -- Total Bosses
Charlie -- Stick
Mel -- Parents 
Lydia -- Patience 
Ava -- Attached 
Allie -- Jezi (Creole for "Jesus")
Isabel -- Volleyball 
Ben -- Serving 
Megan -- Jumping 
Ellie -- Lifted 
Wyatt -- Connection 
Jacob -- Value 
Annika -- Arms Open
CJ -- Whirly 
Thomas -- Intense 
Austin -- Calves 
Sam -- Basketball 

Brayton -- Happiness

Haiti has been so fun I'm so sad it's halfway over! My favorite day was water truck day and I can't wait to do it again! Today I decided to let down my hair when I was with the kids and they braided my hair almost the whole time! It hurt but the girls really enjoyed it haha! Haiti is for sure changing me and I'm so blessed I got to experience and explore this beautiful country and meet some of the most joyful people I have ever met!

This trip has been a lot of fun so far and I am excited for what the rest of the trip brings. My favorite days have been in the city we visited called City Soleil. On Monday we visited there when we were delivering water. Today we visited the city again but we were focused on playing with the kids rather than delivering water. When we visited today, I held the same girl the majority of the time and it was really fun to be around her when we would sing "Jesus loves me" together. When we had to leave it was hard to let her go. This trip has taught me so much and I am looking forward to the new opportunities that God will lead me through during the rest of the trip!

Mom, my feet are starting to have a slight Birkenstock tan line. -Raegan

Haiti is amazing! I've had so much fun holding kids all day! It's super cool to see all the work God has been doing in Haiti! The kids are so cute and they don't want to be put down. I look forward to more amazing experiences! 

Hey fam, I'm back and doing great. Today was a great day and I met a lot of super cool poeple. I miss you guys a lot and love you all:) 

Hey family,
I am having so much fun!!! This week is flying by. On Tuesday we had water truck day in City Soleil and I basically just held and loved a bunch of kids. On Wednesday we went to a school to help run a bible school and visited an orphanage. Today we went back to City Soleil and just played with and held the kids. After that we went to a summer camp and did I pretty much the same thing. It is so amazing here, it's so beautiful and you just feel so much love and joy. I hope Jack and dad had a blast in New Mexico and made it back safe. I miss you all and love you so much!! See ya Monday!!!

I've been trying to switch off with Charlie on writing in the journal, but he left me with the responsibility again today ;)! We had a lot of fun today playing with kids, Charlie played basketball with the older boys at both places we went to. First we went back to Cite Solet and had a "play day" with the kiddos we met at our first water truck day just outside of Hope Church. We then ate lunch and went to a school with about 100 kids we were playing outside with and hanging out! Mom, a little girl slept on my lap for about 30 minutes. Kate, we went shopping this morning at a market and I got you a cute bracelet! Dad, I haven't gotten a dehydration headache yet, and beef jerky was the perfect lunch idea. Love you all and miss you lots!!