Friday, June 3, 2016

Day #4 KCC Haiti Team: Here is my Heart Lord, Speak What is True.

Today we visited the Hospital for Sick and Dying Adults.  The ride in the tap tap was about an hour given the traffic but it was another opportunity to see more of Port-au-Prince and the bustling city.  Our visit to the hospital was to deliver supplies that many of you helped obtain and to visit with the patients, provide lotion rubs, and pray for them. While the hospital name indicates adults, many of these patients were young men and women suffering from a variety of illnesses that do not have good prognosis.  Despite their situations, they were very thankful for our attention and prayers.  Again, it was rewarding to be the hands, feet, and voice of our Lord God.  Our team meeting this evening reflected the following experiences at the hospital:

  • satisfaction for our efforts, 
  • gaining comfort out of an initially uncomfortable experience for some while realizing our vulnerability reside in God's hands , 
  • overcoming internal struggles from past interactions with this patient population, 
  • an acknowledgement that you receive out our your experiences with God what your are willing to put in,
  • feelings of redemption for becoming children of God that we didn't realize we had in us.    

On the way to our next stop, we were able to visit the Haiti Museum and had a brief tour of the history of Haiti from its beginnings of early inhabitants to present day.  It was very informative and gave us a deeper understanding of the land in which we are conducting mission work.

The last stop of the day was the La Loo orphanage.  We spent time with orphans singing, playing, gaining young companions, and conducting a teeth brushing lesson with special dye tablets that the children chewed after brushing to demonstrate where they missed. It was a great hit.  The kids loved the snacks we brought and behaved like any other kids (use your imaginations!) was nice to see.  The power of our teamwork shone through right down to our interpreters who always join us.  They were remarkable in leading us in song playing the guitar and a using a chair as a drum.  Thank you guys.

In closing, as one of our team members put was a day of engagement...there was no one sitting on the bench.  We all were touched by God and had the opportunity to do his good work.  Thanks for your continued interest and support. We love you and miss you all.  Look forward to coming home, but for now we have much more important work to do for God.  God Bless!