Tuesday, April 2, 2019

To Haiti We will Go

Yesterday was a travel day. Up at 2 am CST to be to airport by 3 for 5 am flight to Miami. Smooth sailing. Not so much for our group from Michigan whose plane in Chicago was broken and they did not make it to Miami in time to make the connecting flight at 3 PM EST to Haiti. In Miami, God blessed us with entrance to the Admiral's Lounge where we were fed and hydrated for free and were able to charge our devices and use the facilities. We were able to get both breakfast and lunch there. Then we met a couple from Minnesota who was in our group, Wes and McKenzie, at the gate and it was off to Haiti. Going through immigration was a breeze. The airport itself was interesting. It was busy, but not necessarily with travelers. Lots of Haitian men vying to carry your bags or give you a ride in hopes of earning some money. Thankfully, Tom Gacek was there to meet us and navigate the crowd to the toptop truck and it was off to the Healing Haiti housing. The short 10 minute trip was interesting and not at all like traffic in the States which is orderly. This was more like controlled chaos. Once at our housing, we grabbed some pop, toured the facilities, met the staff and then we ate and then walked to a nearby hotel for a drink and a refreshing dip in the saltwater pool. Tom had a million jokes and made it alot of fun. Once we got back to our housing, my travel companion Paul and Wes and McKenzie and I talked about everything under the moon until just before midnight when we turned in for the night. Where we stay is air conditioned. My comment coming out from the airport was that we did not come to Haiti, we came to July! Welcome to 90 degrees!!!!!  - Brad  ( Not sure why it says we are from HH Lawson Deaf Team...This is Radiant Life Team - Sturgis, MI and a few Minnesota peeps - Shelly)