Tuesday, October 24, 2017

KCC D2: Willing Hearts and Palms Up

Wow, what a way to jump into Living Waters.  Water Truck Day is delivering clean water to Cite Soleil, the poorest slum in the western hemisphere.  Our team shared in the filling process of hundreds of 5 gallon buckets (and anything that could hold water) in a line as far as you could see.  The kids wanted all kinds of attention and we helped people carry their water to humble homes. What a opportunity to serve with willing hearts and with our palms up in friendship with the Haitian people. We got a chance to see Hope Church, a church and school planted in the heart of Cite Soleil.  Our day wrapped up with a visit to La Fleur farm, a new initiative of Healing Haiti's that is producing fruit and vegetables for use at HH and beyond.  Day 2 devotionals were again so spiritual, Our "Words for the Day":

  • Water (simple but such a powerful element of our lives)
  • Blessed
  • Loved
  • Hair (kids playing with her hair got her out of her comfort zone)
  • Gratitude
  • Humorous
  • Assured
  • Calm
  • Surprising
  • Confirmation
  • Focused
  • Service 
  • Joy
  • Thankful
  • Smooth
To our blog followers, these words probably have some meaning but no depth.  To this blogger, the uniqueness of the mission experience is impossible to really put in black and white.  The depth is really in the hearts and souls of myself and my teammates.  While we chose only one word tonight, we really experienced each of them in some way today (and together!).  Two more unique testimonials of faith and worship music filled out the beautiful evening.  It is wonderful to hear our voices transcend the neighborhood air.  God is doing something special here.  We are blessed to share it with Him.  Bon nwit.  Bondye beni ou. (Good night. God bless you).  Thanks for following and praying for our continued success.  From our entire team, Mike.

KCC Day 1

  • It's actually the morning of Day 2.  Catching up for Day 1 of our long travel to Haiti.  After arriving, settling in, tacos for dinner and becoming oriented to our guesthouse, we sat down for our first devotional time.  Worship time with Adam playing the guitar and all of us adding vocals was truly a spiritual experience.  Our music filled the compound and our neighbors in the next guesthouse remarked about it the following morning.  One of our daily experiences will be to share our "word or the day".  Our words for Day 1 said much.  I'll start with mine:ing  Exhausting.  As the elder on the team (by age by no way wisdom), 12 hours of traveling with no sleep took its toll.  But by the time we had finished our worshiping, my word really was Exhilarating, but that was Melissa's which she articulated before me.  The remaining 13: 
    • Again ("good we get to do this over and over", 
    • Peace, 
    • Welcomed (to our church family), 
    • Changed (from a first timer, Stacy), 
    • Home (feeling at home, Stepanie our leader in training,
    • Finally,
    • Anticipation (of the trip finally coming together), 
    • Reminiscent (a new experience for Bill to Haiti but much like other experiences he has had in his journey,
    • Vibes (good), 
    • Solved (every seeming obstacle before the trip being taken care of),  
    • Comfortable, (after much anxietyPurpose (trip came together), 
    • Expecting (a second timer who is open to God doing amazing things on this trip).
Another experience each day will be hearing the testimonials from our team.  Seven days, 2+ testimonials each evening. Fifteen powerful stories of how each of has placed Jesus in our hearts and the impact of that faith in our lives.  Manny and I kicked things off.  Gave me a lot of peace to share.
OK for now til our post from today.  Thanks for your support and love,  Glwa pou Bondye.