Friday, July 29, 2016


At 6:00am a group of us went to the tent church, a place of worship. It was amazing because the moment you walked in you instantly felt the presence/grace of God working through the community of the Haitian believers. This is not like your typical church service, people were walking around, singing and raising their hands in praise, while praying with those around them, even if they were complete strangers. The pastor helped us out by singing a couple worship songs in English. The pastor also humbled us when reminding us of the generosity God has given us, even in the little things like having a bed or waking up to live another day for Him.

Today we went to the home for sick and dying adults. The men and women split up into two separate groups. To care for the ladies we washed and massaged their feet and their arms. We also painted their finger and toe nails. At the start of our experience many of us knew that this would be way out of our comfort zone. However, seeing each other serve so wholeheartedly and seeing how grateful the woman were was such a touching experience. We loved being able to sing with, pray for and care for these beautiful woman. It was also very moving for us to have Emmanuel there to sing and play the guitar. The worship music helped bridge the language barrier and also deepen the connection.

On the drive

Driving through Haitian traffic, God really tested our patience. But finally we reached our stop at the Apparent Project, a small boutique that creates jobs for women and others in poverty by allowing them to use their gifts and create bracelets, necklaces, bags, and mugs. The profits made off of these products go directly back to these people allowing them a chance to support their family and take one step further away from poverty. Also, Apparent Project helps the women who do have children by giving them free day care while they work.

Sign at Apparent Project

Team Pic at Apparet Project

At the end of every day, we gather around the table to pray and eat the wonderful food that the Haitian women cook for us. After that we have a devotion where we recap the day by looking at pictures from our service as well as talk about our "word of the day."

Some words today were:

We look forward to our last day of service tomorrow! :)

Chelsea, Amanda, Syd, Allison