Friday, August 19, 2016

Peace In the Midst

Today, our team of 16 amazing ladies had the privilege of serving at the Home for Sick & Dying (adults). Our drive on the tap tap took us through the city of Port-au-Prince to the hospital. The drive was hot, incredibly bumpy, and dusty! I felt overwhelmed with the heat and slightly unsure of what we would be experiencing upon are arrival!

The mission for our morning was to bring the simple joy of pampering to the Haitian ladies by applying nail color and massaging their hands and arms. The majority of the patients were attending mass when we arrived so our plans were put on hold until the ladies returned! While we waited patiently, I had the opportunity to sit with a sweet young lady called Lovely -- she was truly Lovely! When my eyes looked at her sweaty, fragile body, I could tell that this little girl was seriously sick. I asked Lovely how old she was and I was shocked to hear her whisper ... 15.  My daughter, Lilly, is 15 and serving alongside me on this trip to Haiti. Lovely had no mother to sit on her bed and bring her the comfort that she so desperately needed.  I washed her face and hands with the only thing available ... a napkin dipped in lukewarm water.  Lovely was in deep pain with every breath she took. The pain Lovely was feeling, I could feel as a mother.  I wept as I sat on her uncomfortable bed with her worldly possessions in a small brown purse -- a toothbrush, 50 goudes and her tiny Bible beside her.

Lovely didn't want her nails painted nor her hands massaged since she was far too uncomfortable. I held her hand and prayed silently over sweet Lovely. I wanted so desperately to hold her with a mother's love, to tell her that I would be there until she got well enough to leave, or to stay by her side as she met her Heavenly Father. In the midst and the reality of the sick and dying, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace in this hospital.  Jesus was present.

Before I left for Haiti, my prayer was that the Lord would, "Break my heart for what breaks His." Yes ... my heart has been broken this week, but my heart has seen and felt His peace.

~ Stephanie

(no photos are allowed at the Home for Sick & Dying)