Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Day 2

Haiti Trip, Team 1, Oct 16, 2018

     Charlie started coffee at 6:30 AM. We slept varying amounts between strange (but comfortable) beds and new nighttime noises. The roosters get up early and seem quite proud to announce it.
     Breakfast at 8:30 after prayer and a devotional. French toast, scrambled eggs, avocado,juice, bananas, oatmeal. 
     At about 9 AM we left in the Tap Tap to serve in Haiti. Our first stop was at Hope Church and School in City Soleil. As we approached, the children were curious and started poking their hands out the windows to touch us. When we went into the worship area, (connected to the classrooms)  the children came out to greet us. (hey you!)
The children are all wearing matching uniforms and are neatly groomed. They seemed to not get enough of our holding them and giving them attention.
 There are two Pastors and we met them too.
  The Technology Pod was ready to start up today and we had a tour. We had brought down 23 IPADS on our flight and each one can be used by up to ten students. It is State of The Art in teaching technology.
   We split up into two groups of 5. Our two Haitian guides introduced us to 3 different elderly Haitians. We asked each what they would like us to pray for them. They have so little and their situation seems so desperate that my prayers seemed empty.  I thought of my faith and focused on Jesus promise of a life after the time we spend in these bodies.
    We then went to the 4 Coffins area and again delivered water. It is fun interacting with the Haitians despite the strenuous work carrying water with them to their homes.
At both water stops the children were swarming around us and wanting us to hold them. Their dark eyes and smiles are easy to love and they genuinely enjoy our attention.
   There was a Haitian protest planned that seemed potentially risky for us so we returned to the Guest House. So, we all went to an adjoining property to use the pool. The setting was beautiful. It was great fun and we set a record of volleying a beach ball 34 times in a row.

Dinner was supurb.