Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DeWolf 17, Day 3

Day 3!

We all slept so well it was 7:59 as we rolled out of bed.  Thankful that our air conditioning functioned well and we all slept like logs.  Another yummy breakfast served by our gracious staff and we were on our way to Sweet Home Orphanage.

When we arrived at Sweet Home, we met a small group of tiny preschoolers who weren’t too sure about us.  It didn’t take long sitting on the floor before they were engaged in coloring paper fans and having fun with our group.  We were blessed to have the company of part of another team from Serenity Village Church in Crystal MN too.  After a time a big class of grade school kids came running out and we broke out the craft project we brought.  It was building and decorating clothes pin airplanes.  They really got into it and soon airplane parts, markers and glue were flying around the group.  After the craft, our grade school kids left and we played parachute with the little ones.  As a final treat we were given a tour of the orphanage, learned about its history and how it is growing to include up to 50 more children to meet the huge need.  It was so uplifting to see kids well cared for and learning so they can have a better future!

Soon we were off back to Healing Haiti for lunch and then leaded up the Tap Tap for a tour of Apparent Project.  This place was most amazing.  Its mission is “Orphan Prevention thru Job Creation” with the goal to provide meaningful work so that Haitians can provide for their families.  We enjoyed a delicious smoothie (cold and yummy J in their coffee shop and then toured their myriad of business opportunities, from ceramics to jewelry to sewing, they employ over 300 people in making, selling and shipping their product all over the world.  They even provide daycare for their workers so the women can work and support their families and communities.  It was so inspiring to see the empowerment at work.  And as a final treat, we shopped their store and each found beautiful items to bring home to family and friends while supporting their important mission.

Our next stop was to the home for sick and dying babies. We put on our serving aprons and walked down some stairs to find two large rooms filled with babies. One room had slightly more sick babies with IVs, etc., and another with babies who were healing and starting to get better. Most of the babies there suffered from malnutrition and a variety of other illnesses that occur due to malnutrition. Our job there included holding babies, feeding them, and helping their caregivers change them. It was an emotional, but rewarding experience that left a few of us in tears. We were only there for about an hour, but it felt like so much more snuggling sweet babies to sleep. 

After we were done serving, we came back to the guesthouse and had another great dinner of ramen noodles with peppers, onions, and some great spices. We then went to the pool again for a relaxing, distressing swim. It’s now 9pm and we just finished our group reflection time! A portion of the team is also now at the grocery store getting some ice cream J Thank you for your prayers and for supporting our team! We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

-Paula and Erin