Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scott/Wayne EBC Team: A Moment of God's Presence

After a long day of delivering water to Cite Soleil, we sat around as a group and shared our stories and emotional experiences with each other. We discussed times when God showed up in our faith journey – and one moment immediately came to my mind. Yesterday, we visited Carrefour Home for the Sick and Dying. The girls in the group cared for the females by messaging lotion on their arms and legs and providing emotional support. The last woman I cared for wasn’t easy to pick-out because she was lying on the floor in the corner, instead of a bed like the others. I would have missed her if it wasn’t for a boy who kindly ushered me over to help. As I kneeled beside the woman I quickly realized how severe her sickness was. She was skin and bone. Her breath was extremely faint. Flies were swarming around her face. I became very emotional, but I knew she needed help, so I choked-back tears and began rubbing lotion on her frail arms and legs. The boy who brought me over spoke some English so I started chatting with him. He told me he was 23 years old and the woman was his mother. I asked him how old she was, he struggled to say the number in English, but he could say “birthday.” It was his mother’s birthday that day. At that point I couldn’t hold back the tears - I couldn’t help but think of my own mother and just how difficult that must have been for the both of them. I asked the boy if I could pray for his mother. I held the woman’s delicate hands, bowed my head, and began silently praying. I was surprised when I looked up and saw the boy and his friend holding hands reciting a prayer in Creole. I grabbed his hand and all three of us began praying together over the woman. I was beside myself with emotion. I have never felt God more present. We didn’t need to understand what each of us were saying to know that it was powerful. I hugged the boy as he continued to say “merci, merci” over and over.  What he didn’t know was that I was thankful for him. God is so good and I truly believe he brought me to this moment for a reason. 


  1. Wow, Ellie. What a powerful story! God shows his presence in many unexpected ways. May you continue to "see" him in the days ahead. Steve

  2. Thanks to the team for sharing these stories of your experience. You -- and the people you're serving -- are all very inspiring. - Nick W

  3. May God continue to stretch and touch each of you as you "touch" the precious lives of others. Thank you for sharing your experiences of being the hands and feet of Jesus....know you are being lifted up in prayer. ��
    Please give Eileen a big hug for me.....Rachelle

  4. I was so moved by the experience you shared today. I am so proud and humbled for you and your team's commitment to this wonderful mission. God works in mysterious ways and is always present. Love, Mom(Jan)