Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scott/Wayne EBC Team: 1st of Two Water Truck Days

Today the team visited Cite Soleil (one of the poorest slums in the Western Hemisphere) to deliver water. Water that we take for granted, the team delivered to those who have none. As soon as we stepped out of our Tap-Tap (our transportation vehicle) children surround us to our hearts delight. Some of the team was positioned by the water spout, others helped to fill the buckets and keep the line moving.  We all took turns rotating and there was plenty to do. We held as many children as possible, they all wanted to be held and they did not want to be put down.  Some children had no shoes, others had no clothes, but it didn’t matter because they are all God’s children.  We all felt God’s love today in many ways. The smiles we shared, the hugs we gave and received.  We had three water truck stops and after our first stop we visited Hope Church. This was an incredible sight to see in the middle of what is considered a slum, God’s love is shining through His church. The grounds that the church is built on was a former garbage dump 40 feet deep.  The church also has many classrooms and children, even adults are learning to read and write. A step in the right direction to rebuilding the community.

Elaine, Eileen, Ellie, Meredith


  1. So proud of my wife and the entire team. They have dared to get "uncomfortable" and are making an impact! May God continue to bless your efforts!

  2. God is good! Thank you for sharing and commiting yourselves to this great cause.

  3. My dear Ellie......I am touched beyond words by your beautiful comments in sharing your experiences this week! I am so very proud of my "little 2nd grader" and the strong woman you have become! Your mother will have a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating you! Blessings to your entire amazing team!!
    Carol C.

  4. Hey Team,

    We are so proud of what you are doing. We were just talking about how "inadequate" we feel for not being there with you. Just know we are with you and spirit and hope you have many more impactful experiences the rest of the trip. Let God do his work and get out of your own way.

    Love you and God Bless,

    The Thursday Men's Group.