Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cody Team - Day 3 - "Mother Teresa, Gertrude, La Phere Orphanage"

Day Three:
On our third day, we split the team in half. One part of the team went to an orphanage while the other group went to Mother Teresa's clinic for sick and dying babies. I will describe my feelings about the trip to Mother Teresa's clinic. When we first entered the clinic we delivered two suitcases full of donated items like 4x4 gauze pads, Betadine antiseptic solution, and other items needed by the clinic. Then, we split up and some went to hold babies and others went to play with the toddlers. Holding these tiny children, talking softly to them and praying that God would heal them was a blessing to me.
The heart breaking thing was to hear them start crying when you
laid them back in their crib.
After holding and praying for several of the babies, I went up to the room with the toddlers. This was a different type of blessing. Many would run to you wanting to be held and wanting you to play with them and their toys. One little boy had a toy truck that was like a flatbed trailer. He didn't quite know what to do with it. So, I put it on the floor and placed another one of his toys on it and then rolled it across the room. He ran and brought it back and watched as I did it again. That's all it took. He was off to play using the truck in it's new found way.
The most blessed experience at the clinic was when one little girl came and wanted me to hold her. I picked her up to sit on my lap and she watched the others play for a few minutes and then looked up into my eyes, lay her head on my shoulder and in a few minutes was sound asleep. She slept soundly in my arms for a long time.  When we had to leave, I carried her in and placed her in her assigned bed, still sound asleep. I thank God for allowing me to experience this moment of complete trust from this little child. I will take the vision of her trusting eyes home with me. 
After a short rest back at the guest house, we went to an orphanage to play with the children. We brought crayons and pages to be colored, and soccer balls. The soccer was played in a small confined area but that didn't diminish the joy and enthusiasm you could see on the boys faces. I tried a bit of soccer when some of the younger boys invited me. I could tell they were taking it easy on me when I saw one of the boys roll the ball to me. I got whipped by
the six or seven year olds. Still, we had a great time.  Looking at the conditions in the orphanage we saw a well cared for living space. More importantly, we could tell by the way the children interacted with each other and with us that they were being well raised. They were respectful and courteous. They came to each of us as we were about to leave and hugged us with smiles on there


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