Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cody Team - Day 2 - "Hey You!"

Day Two:  Water Truck Day

Our second day, Tuesday, started with water truck stops. We delivered water to several stops in Cite Soleil. As always, the children came running wanting to be lifted up and to have their picture taken. And, we took many pictures. At one of the stops a little girl came up to me to be held for a while. I picked her up and noticed that she must have had very loving care. Her hair was well cared for with braids and some white beads. She had on a very nice dress. It was a pink print material with white trim. While I held her a young man came up to us and spoke to the girl. Just then, we were called to return to the TapTap because we were leaving for the next stop. The little girl said something in creole which I could not understand. The young man asked if I wanted to know what she had said. Naturally, I said yes.. He told me she had called me her Angel. The love I felt for her had surely been returned.  
Our afternoon was spent visiting a fishing pier and then going to Haiti Initiative, a place that provides education, a soccer training program and a meal for local children. To get to be on the soccer teams the children must do all their school work. When we walked into the school and meal area the children ran to claim someone to sit with them and hold them.  A bright-eyed little girl claimed me and took me to where she wanted to sit. There were some songs that they sung. This little girl sang with such enthusiasm and joy that it was infectious. Then, she took me up with her to get her lunch. It was a rice and meat mixture that looked nutritious. When we got back to her place, I as astonished to watch her untie a plastic bag from her pocket and then start spooning her meal into the bag. She ate none of it. Also, a girl sitting beside her dumped about 90 percent of her lunch on my girls plate and all of that went into the bag. I finally realized what was happening. She was taking it home to her family. God blessed me so much to allow me to sit with this young girl. I was humbled to watch this loving act from this young person.

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