Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Central Church Day 2 - Similarities, Hope, and Communication

Today was all about being aware of our similarities, learning how to communicate and finding hope in a hopeless time. We started out our at the Sweet Home Orphanage who is home to approximately 45 children ages 2 - 17. All of the children go to school, either on the compound, or are sent out for the older kids. They are in the middle of construction to be able to house 50 more children and more schooling buildings. To learn more click HERE. We played soccer (futbol), colored, jumped rope and many more games, with the children. We also learned new words and ways to communicate.

Team members Zach and Steve were playing with the kids when one little boy (about 6) hid behind Zach with fright as three older boys yelled at the boy and ran to get him. That's when Steve stepped in between to stop them. The whole ordeal only lasted a minute and they, but as Steve said it best, "You didn't have to speak creole to know what those boys were saying.". Bullying is bullying in any language.

Next we went to Papillion where we were able to support a local business that provides job and daycare to single parents so they can take care of their families. They train these men and women to be craftsmen and amazing ones at that! Check them out HERE.

Lastly we served in the hospital for the sick and dying children where they also were an orphanage.  When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly nun who gave us instructions. there were two areas. One for the infants, and one for the toddlers. When you walk in you notice that there are cribs lined up classroom style. Over a dozen in each room. Inside some babies needed an IV, Some coughing, or had rashes, and some were so weak a emotionless that you couldn't tell. The older kids were a little different. They were vocal and able to play a bit more.

When we brought some of them outside on the playground their demeanour changed. They were engaging, inquisitive, playful. Though this change was not right away, the smiles on their faces were worth the wait. We fed them, changed their diapers, played with them, and more.

The ride home was more somber than before and we started to process all we experienced. At reflection time we used words like, "innocense, support, standards, heavy, eye-opening, WOW, grateful, real, desire, vulnerable".

Nancy used hope as her word because, "There's hopelessness all around us, but we have a choice to see the hope in all situations". While Kate, who is training to be a leader shared that her word was emotions because while she is tends to be "closed off" by her emotions in situations, she also gets uncomfortable when others are experiencing profound emotions. She prayed for God to get her our of her comfort zone, and throughout the day, she was able to provide emotional support to some members on the team.

At the end of the day we were extremely thankful for three gentle reminders;
1. That we are all similar in some way and it's important to find out what it is.
2. To remember to see the hope in any situation so you can continue to shine His light for the world.
3. Remember to always work on your communication with others, no matter what that looks like.

Tomorrow is water truck day so stay tuned

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