Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hosanna! Student Ministries Haiti Team Blog - Day 3

Our third day in Haiti was full of happy smiles from some amazing Haitian kids. We visited two orphanages where we got to share the story of “The Battle of Jericho” with the kids. We played a funny game with solo cups, panty hose, and a tennis ball. The kids would put the panty hose on their head with the tennis ball inside and they would try to knock over the cups. It was so funny to watch and all the kids loved it. After the story we helped the kids make their own “trumpets” with paper and stickers. After all the excitement of the story we had play time with the kids. We played basketball, soccer, jump rope, blew bubbles, and colored. There is a language barrier but we communicate through laughs, smiles, and actions. The first orphanage we went to was called “Croation relief”. There were about 20 kids ages ranging from toddler to teenagers. The second orphanage was called “LePharre”. this one was a lot smaller with only about 10 kids. We had an awesome spirit filled moment at this orphanage. We started singing the song “10,000 reasons” in creole and english. It was really awesome when a couple girls in the orphanage knew the song in english. In just an hour, wonderful bonds that we will never forget were created with these wonderful children. It was a tearful goodbye for a few of the team members and a few of the kids. The Lord filled our hearts with so much joy and it was a privilege to be able to share that love with the children today.

Comment from blogger of the day:
Callie: Hi fam I love you all! Miss you and see ya soon!! :)

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