Saturday, June 30, 2018

Another Day gone!

Another day gone in Haiti! It was a long day today, starting the day at around 5:30, where we attended the sunrise mass at Church on the Rock. We walked home and ate breakfast, before a 45-minute ride to Grace Village. We took a tour of a bakery and restaurant called Fleri. Then we went up the hill to play and love the kids. We took a tour of the Grace village Orphanage. The next thing we did was visit the elders. We visited three homes, and met Edmund, Volcy and Elitane, and Maricia Victor. We washed their feet, prayed with them about their needs, gave them massages, and sang songs. After that we ate dinner at Fleri and enjoyed cold drinks and pizza while playing bags. When we left Fleri, we went to a memorial called mass graves, a place where bodies were placed after the earthquake in January 12, 2010. Some 300,000 unidentified bodies were laying under our feet where we were standing. Once we got home, we played soccer with the neighborhood boys. Finally, we had team time and reviewed the pictures.

Ryan and Isaiah

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