Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Alleluia Haiti Team - Day Two -

Hello from 93 degree Haiti!

Today was an action packed day!  We were blessed to be able to participate in the awesome ways that God is working and to see and love on  Gods beautiful children.

1-After an adventurous ride on the tap-tap, we were at  our first stop was Sweet Home orphanage. We were able to see so much joy in these children.  Their smiles were contagious and their hearts appeared full. We were able to play games with the children, sing and read with them. Actually, to tell you the truth, they truly filled our hearts. 

2-Our next stop was Cite Soleil to visit Hope Church/School.  What a beautiful sight it was to see this beautiful structure among so much poverty.  Words can't even capture any amount of description of what we saw with our own eyes.  These children were so beautiful,playful, happy and loving.  Huge hugs, a lot of laughs and playing were had by all.  They find so much joy in just the simple things in life.  This opportunity for the children is made possible by sponsors to obtain an education in such an impoverished environment.

3-Final stop- Dios orphanage for special needs children.  Despite any disability the children had, it didn't seem to hinder them in participating in activities, games, playing kickball, soccer, chalk and playing catch. 

Today was a day filled with a compound of emotions.  Each one of us had to think of one word to describe our day , here they are :Love, Hug, Awestruck, Eye opening, Rapid(fast), Blessed, Heartbroken, God's Love, Full heart, Safe, Jesus, Grateful, Joy, Jubilant, Deserving, and Beautiful

That pretty much sums up our opportunity that God has given each one of us to be able to be a part of His people and His creation today. :)

Ann & Lisa

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  1. Great pictures! Sounds like you all are very busy. Shanda will have to fill me when you all get back.