Friday, January 19, 2018

EBC: Good Morning (Day 5)

Good morning from Haiti!

"If you are looking for despair, you will find despair.
If you are looking for hope, you will find hope.
If you are looking for God, you will find God!"

Last night, our team received homework...on Sunday, everyone must share at least one example of "where they saw God" this week. Yesterday, during a tour of the Fleuri bakery and restaurant, long-term missionary Jake explained that God often times puts opportunities in front of us, but often we don't open our eyes until that opportunity "punches us in the face." I know our eyes are definitely open on this trip, but I am excited to hear everyone's story on Sunday!

I am also posting a photo from one of our elder visits yesterday. We had a little extra time to spend with this special individual, and he even asked US for a photo :)

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