Friday, January 12, 2018

Day 3- Orphanage Visit and Papillon

Today was another amazing day of spending time with beautiful and joyful Haitian children and discovering one courageous woman's plan for drawing Haiti out of impoverishment one by one. We made two stops at LaLou and For His Glory Orphanages. As soon as they were released from their rooms, the kids came running out with huge smiles ready to be picked and give some love. We got to cuddle with sweet Haitian babies and spend time with first and second graders at their recess playing Hop Scotch, tic-tac-toe and coloring pictures.Tonight at our team time, we all agreed that though we are here to bless and show God's love to others, we feel like we are receiving much more than we are giving. At the second orphanage, an intense game of soccer was started in an alley next to a pile of rubble still leftover from the earthquake. Despite these conditions, the children laughed and played a very competitive game where one of our team members actually got "kicked out" of the game for not being quite fast enough :)

In between orphanages, we stopped at Papillon (Butterfly in English). This is a shop started by a woman who had a passion for empowering Haitian parents to provide for their kids instead of bringing them to orphanages. The store employs about 350 Haitians who do everything from digging the clay to make necklaces and bracelets to selling delicious smoothies and pizza to giving tours of the compound. It was very heartening to see opportunities for the Haitians to provide for their own families and feel proud of their work.

Another amazing day serving God and making new friends we will one day see again in Heaven.

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