Wednesday, November 1, 2017

So what are people doing at 3:30am on the road?  Going to the airport!  Everyone made it on time, and mostly awake for our early morning flight.  Three men and eleven women - Nick, Tim, David, Christina, Pam, Bre, Luann, Cheryl, Nadia, Georgina, Nina, June, Ciola and Nancy.

We flew to Atlanta, then on to Port-Au-Prince.  The scenery flying in to the airport was beautiful.  All oceans, greenery and mountains.  Then the humidity hits you, then the chaos of the airport.  There was a bit of excitement getting us on the tap-tap (our open air truck/mini-bus) to go to the guest house.  Somebody appeared not to be getting paid for something, $5 seemed to settle things.  Then we were off.  Only a fifteen minute slow, bumpy drive to the guest house.  Our housing is a small gated compound, one larger building and two smaller ones.  We have very comfortable bunkbeds, and more bathrooms and showers any of us expected.   There are multiple dogs around as our main security detail, two are less than a year old and adorable. George and Elaine.

We gathered around to hear all the rules - no outside shoes in the guesthouse, no dogs in the guest house, breakfast at 8am, dinner at 5pm.  Which sounds early, but with the day traveling around and only snacks for lunch, everyone was pretty ready for dinner.  Three lovely Haitian ladies cook our food - mostly American like Shepherds Pie and such.

We turned in around 8pm, ready for Day 1.

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