Thursday, November 2, 2017

Day 3

Day 3.   We began our day as usual, departing at 9-ish (some parts of the world are more concerned about punctuality than others...).  We headed to "Sweet Home", an orphanage with whom Healing Haiti has partnered.  The buildings were very colorful and the dwelling was very homey.  We crossed the language barrier with paints, balloons, a small multi-colored parachute and bubbles!  The kids seemed to have a great time painting their creations and squealing under the parachute.  The orphanage accommodates 30 children.  Sweet Home is hoping to build another home on their property to accommodate 50 more children.  There is certainly more need than beds.

We also visited the farm that Healing Haiti recently purchased.  28 acres in size, they are growing all things tropical: coconut, plantains, bananas, guava, papaya, mango, as well as peanuts, okra, melons, squash, and more! The farm is tended by a couple of Haitians, with more to be added as the produce increases, adding jobs and food to sell.  Wildlife?  Hmmm...if chickens on the run count, then there was wildlife too.

Last stop for the day was Gertrude's, a home for disabled children.  Breaking up their day with a visit, we pushed children on swings, drew with chalk, played basketball and hopscotch, and held children on our laps, on our hips, or just held hands.  We trust that God is using these small gestures and efforts to demonstrate His love to the children, and simultaneously inch each of us closer to His heart.

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