Friday, August 11, 2017

Sports/Tech Camp Day 5 - Camp & Elders

Dear Family & Friends,

Our day started bright and early (5:30 am) with an amazing church service. We were all exhausted and questioning why we were up so early, but afterwards no one regretted showing up. It was a crazy experience seeing how different they do church here. The people filled the aisles and worshiped with their whole bodies, they danced and sang with everything they had. It was not just another day at church for them, and it was not just a routine. They were so filled with life and love. What an inspiration it was seeing and hearing these people thank God for all the little things they had. It made us all take a step back and realize how truly blessed we really are.

After church we headed to Grace Village where we spent our last full day with the kids. As I stepped off the tap-tap tired and dreary, I was instantly greeted by two boys who I previously spent time with. They really boosted my mood and made me appreciate the day a lot more. Everywhere they went, I went and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It being the third day of sport camp--relationships were fully built, and the whole team along with myself felt completely comfortable. It was eye opening to see how happy they are with so little. I couldn't stop smiling all day, my heart has been changed and I will forever remember those two boys.

Next our team made our way into the town of Titiyan to visit the homes of four elders. At each stop we were welcomed into their homes and met all the children playing around outside. We washed the feet of the elderly, rubbed lotion on their hands, sang songs to them, asked questions about their life, and prayed for them. A quote from one of the elderly women was "Pray that I continue growing in faith", keep in mind she was 72 years old and still asking for inspiring! It was extraordinarily special to leave a mark on the lives of the people that can no longer do things for themselves.

Today was so full and so long, but ending the day totally out of energy is a reminder that we gave it our all to the people we served!

God Blesses Always,
(Nicole & Steven)

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