Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sports/Tech Camp Day 3 - Grace Village!!!

Dear Friends & Family,

To me, the children of Grace Village are my gift from God. The kindhearted, pure souls bring joy to my heart each time I see them. It does not matter how amazing water truck day was or how cool it was to visit new orphanages because visiting Grace and all the kids there will always be the highlight of my trip. Do not get me wrong, I love water truck day and I love going to see other kids at different orphanages, but I have bonded and built special relationships with the kids at Grace, and nothing will ever change that. One of the relationships I built was with a young boy named Rendy. I met him exactly one year ago during a sports camp. I hung out with him and we played basketball and swung on the swings, but I did not really think anything of it until the following Sunday. After the church service on that Sunday, Rendy ran up to me and gave me a small, folded piece of paper. Inside the piece of paper was the most beautiful, heartfelt note I had ever received. After having read it, I instantly fell in love with the little boy. Just knowing that I had done something for him made my heart smile. That day, I had made a promise to him that I would be back very soon. Recently this past March, I came back down to visit him, and I  was given yet another sweet note from him, and I also got to meet his sister, Samone. Samone had told me that Rendy prays for me every night and that he would talk about me a lot to his family. Hearing that made me so extremely happy. Knowing I had made an impact in his life is something very special. It broke my heart every time I had to say goodbye to him because he is the most kindhearted person I have ever met. So today was the teams first day at Grace and the joy inside of me could not be contained. As the tap-tap rode up the bumpy road leading up to the gates of Grace, I had butterflies in my stomach because I was so excited to reconnect with my friends. The moment I saw Rendy and he saw me, his face lit up with a great big smile. I cannot get it out of my head. I spent most of my time with him today knowing it would be very hard to say goodbye. This will by far be one of my favorite days because I got to see someone who is very dear to my heart, words cannot explain how much I love this boy. It will break my heart when I have to see goodbye, but I am hoping to return soon to see him again. 

God Blesses Always,
Sports/Tech Team

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