Monday, August 7, 2017

Sports/Tech Camp Day 1 - Travel Day

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was Travel Day! Travel day is a compilation of preparation, anxiety, nerves and excitement all coming together at once. Our Sports/Tech Team has been planning for this trip through meetings and prayer for the last 6mo and we showed up to the airport ready upon arrival. We met at the Minneapolis Airport at 3am, which was before much of the airport's staff even started their shift for the day. Although navigating through airports and Haitian customs with 15 travelers can have some challenges, we worked hard to successfully make it to Haiti!!! :) *minus 1 bag...

This trip is extra special in the fact that we are privileged to be apart of a new TECH movement! Headed up by some of our team members, we managed to bring 40 iPads to Grace Village. Wow what a feat! God's hands has been on this adventure from the beginning propelling it to heights we never anticipate in such a short amount of time.... More to come on this story...

All in all, we are so blessed to be serving with  an amazing, energetic, passionate team of individuals. One of our missionaries shared that her word/phrase of the day which was, "Step Up." These mission trips cannot be accomplished by one individual. It takes a team and each member needs push themselves to be a soldier for Chris. Furthermore, I believe God calls us all to step up every day. You don't have to travel to a 3rd world country to do it. You might be right where you need to be. Just stop, listen and step up...

God Blesses Always,

Sports/Tech Team

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