Friday, July 21, 2017

Hosanna Youth Team - Day 5

Hello everyone!

Today we started our day off at 5:30 am. We walked to church at 6am, and found ourselves slipping in disgusting mud. When we were at church we were very surprised when the Haitians started to say a blessing over us. After church we came back for breakfast, and most of us took a little nap before it was time to leave again. It was a beautiful but long drive along the coast of Haiti, to the city of Titanyen (which means less than nothing). First we stopped at the mass grave cite from the 2010 earthquake. It was a beautiful memorial, although it was sad thinking that we were standing over (around) 200,000 bodies. After that we visited our four elderly homes of the day. There we brought them a warm meal and worshipped with them. They were very excited for us to be there to wash their feet and rub lotion on their arms and legs. It was truly humbling to be able to serve them, especially being out of our comfort zones. Some of the elders had no toes, only one leg, and many of them were in pain. Because the homes were only the size of a bathroom, many of us took turns playing with the neighborhood kids as well. After the elder visits, we toured Grace Village. We were amazed at the program they had going on with the orphanage transition homes, school, and medical clinic. The view of the ocean and mountains surrounding us was incredible. We traveled down the hill to a restaurant and bakery called Fleuri for dinner. There we had amazing pizza, and learned more about the job creation program at Grace Village. At that time it was time to go back home, around 7 o'clock. While sitting in the front seat the driver taught Tyanna and Angie how to drive a stick shift, but then he warned us it was going to get a little "bumpy". All we saw were cinder blocks mixed with mud, and we soon were seemingly entering Jurassic Park. Everyone in the tap tap was soon flying around and screaming, until the left side slowly started to sink.. the tap tap went tip tip. Our driver calmly said, "One second.." We all got out safely and luckily we were right outside the guesthouse gates. Thirty minutes later we heard the beeping of the tap tap getting pulled out. It was a very long day but also very humbling. It was definitely worth it. ~ Angie and Tyanna

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