Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easter Lutheran Church Arrival Day

We were having some Wifi issues last night so we couldn't get the first blog posted. So here is our blog from day 1 in Haiti.

As we arrive in Haiti and prepare for the week , I know that the emotions we hold are as different as each of our personalities. We are nervous, excited, uncertain, insecure. We are curious, scared, wondering, over-the-moon anticipating. We are all of these things and more.
I know that God is with us in the anticipation and God is in Haiti preparing a place for each of us. There are things we will see that will shake us to the core. There are relationships we will build that will last a lifetime. There are mysteries awaiting us that are too big for our earthly brains to comprehend.

It is God who calls us to this adventure.  
And God asks very little of us. 
Only one thing, really. 

Open minds to learn what God wants to teach us.
Open hearts to give and receive love.
Open arms to embrace those God puts in our path.
Open lives to be transformed and live into the future God has for us.

So let’s be open. To one another, to our Haitian brothers and sisters, and to God’s love that gives meaning and heart to all that we do.


Now we are heading out into Cite Soleil for a full water truck day! Stay tuned and we will check in tonight!

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