Tuesday, February 21, 2017


We have arrived!  Our journey has begun!   We had a smooth start to our trip.  All went well in the airport in Minneapolis where many of us started.We got to Atlanta and met up with Dorothy.  Aasta, Beth and I made our connecting flight with time to spare.  All of us traveled together into Haiti.  Margie met us at the airport, and showed the way to our tap tap (open window truck).  This would be our transportation for the week.  This gave me my first view of Haiti.  Our ten minute ride showed me a city full of people, many needs, beautiful flowers, and much to do.  We arrived at the Guesthouse and saw the purple gate leading us in.  This would be my home for the week along with 23 other soon-to-be- best friends.  We got most everything unpacked and settled.  While having a talk about our week here, we heard the neighborhood boys playing soccer next door.  We couldn't resist!  Most of us went next door to meet our neighbors and play some soccer.  Sam and some of the boys waited for the game to end to start up a new one.  Most of us watched the fun games between all the boys, not wanting to get too involved in this game.  We talked with some women and children with the little bit of Creole we knew, and the English they knew.  I felt like I had dipped my toe into the water that was to come.  This is just a taste of the beginning of this journey God has taken me on.  I already am taken by the people, the beauty of the children, the simplicity of life.  God has provided a window of opportunity to see life from a different perspective.  I am excited and challenged to allow Him to lead each day and see what comes forth.  He has brought together a unique team of people for this week.  He has ordained this.  In my devotional today it said, "Once we are totally surrendered to God, He will work through us all the time."  May this be so.  May I and this team be broken bread and poured out wine.  That God would use us to further His kingdom, and transform hearts in the process.  This is truly a gift!!
The journey has started.  "A new commandment I give you; Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another."  John 13:34

post by Kathy

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