Sunday, May 29, 2016

For the last year, I have not slept well.  My job has been very stressful – the decisions and problems of the day would not go away in the night.  Last night, here in Haiti, I slept for 10 hours straight!  And it felt really really good.  We forget the healing of sleep.
So I am pondering why I sleep so well in Haiti on a Healing Haiti mission trip.  Not somewhere one would assume provides good sleep. 
The word I believe explains this conundrum is – peace.  I am at peace in Haiti.  But why? This country was struggling mightily before a devastating earthquake hit the capital city and left more than a million homeless and hundreds of thousands dead.  The people of Haiti have fought back and are recovering a little more each day.  However, there is a long road ahead and there are still many heart-breaking issues.
I am at peace because I have spent every day working for; praying for; and thinking of - others.  Usually others in desperate need.  Some at hospitals for the Sick and Dying, others without family, others without water.  There is immense power, purpose and satisfaction in focusing on others.  This is not the message we see and hear every day in America.  We are told so often the world should be about us NOT others.  They tell us we will find contentment in us and our stuff and more stuff.  But I found again the opposite is true.  Giving and helping provide much more contentment.  Sarah says it best – “It’s not about you”.
This week I slept well because I found peace.  I found it by caring for others.  I encourage you to do the same sometime soon.  Maybe for a day maybe for a week and maybe even for a life time.    
God Bless!


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