Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Eagle Brook Woodbury - Water truck day

Today was an unbelievable day of chaos with a side of peace. We spent the day in Cite Sole delivering water to three different locations. As soon as our water truck and tap-taps (our form of transportation) pulled in, kids came running after us—laughing, smiling, waving, and blowing kisses of excitement. It was absolutely astonishing the amount of pure joy that was conveyed amongst the people of this extremely poverty-struck community. Together, the team manned the hose to fill the continuous long lines of buckets, carried the buckets to the destination needed, and expressed love and caring to the children that wanted nothing more but to be held with a little squeeze. Each stop we delivered 3000 gallons. It was jaw dropping to see the strength the people have to carry bucket after bucket, which could range anywhere from 5 gallon pales, to pales bigger than you can imagine. Despite the conditions of the makeshift homes, the grounds they resided on, or what we would think “lack of abundance,” it’s safe to say none of us have ever seen such thankfulness and appreciation. 

We also got to visit Hope Church today during our break between stops. It was incredible to see first hand the church that Eagle Brook helped make possible. There, we were able to help pass out lunch to the children that call Hope Church their school. Once they saw us walk up to the building, shouts of excitement were emitted through the windows. They were such a delight to serve. 

Each night, when we together for team time, we each discuss our word of the day that sums up our day individually, and where we saw Jesus that day. Beings it was the first night of actual service, it was remarkable to hear how everyone experienced the day. Although we were all participating in the same activities, the day was different for us all. We are all the hands and feet of Christ, and today just marks the beginning of our journey to touch and be touched by the lives of the miraculous people of Haiti. 

Abby Stockwell

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