Sunday, October 29, 2017

KCC D6: Setting An Example: Becoming the Least

Morning worship and devotion prepared us for a day of visiting a couple orphanages that Healing Haiti frequents and then our plans changed...that was OK...its Haiti...AND we are a very flexible team.  We actually had the opportunity to visit two other orphanages.  The first was for deaf children.  Stephanie was a great resource on our tap-tap ride out teaching us all to sign our names.  The kids were fantastic. We played soccer and basketball, frolicked on the playground, blew soap bubbles, practiced sign language with them, and shared our love of God with them despite the "language barrier".  On our way to our other stop, we visited a metal artisan compound with 80 vendors.  I think all of us had the opportunity to obtain some remarkable Haitian artwork.  Our final stop was an orphanage for disabled children.  We toured the facility, colored with the kids, sang songs, and had wonderful fellowship with these happy children.  Both visits provided an opportunity to have quality one on one time with God's children.

Evening worship and devotion was spent again in the open air of the second level patio.  Today was our last day of official field work. Our words of the day demonstrated the strong common experience we had:  one of the most powerful and moving days of our's the list:
  • Music (provided by us and though a performance by one of the children)  
  • High (ending field work on a...)
  • Surprised (about the visits today...expecting something more uncomfortable)
  • Communication (was not an issue despite handicaps)
  • End (of our official field work)
  • Personal (experiences 1 on 1 with kids today)
  • Colors (everywhere in our journey today - the tap-tap ride, the orphanages, coloring w/ the kids)
  • Care (these people are worth caring about)
  • Smile
  • Love
  • Blessed
  • Surface (while things are seen on the surface at first, we have had the opportunity to go deeper)
  • Revealing (...the events of the day and week)
  • Hobbies (the opportunity of use the hobbies of French and sign language in the day)
In conclusion, I believe we met our objective today of setting an example.  We reflected this morning on a question:  "How is God good in your life? How does that prompt you to serve?".  One of our team members suggested "become the least"...i.e. put your mindset below those you serve.  We are no better than those we minister to.  All of us on our team are very blessed.  We are servants of the Lord and one of our mission's objectives was to serve those in need.  Our recipients today really were happy, loving individuals whose only "needs" were the human touch of God.  We have had an unique opportunity of giving this gift all week. But the real story is, the greatest gift has been ours. It has been a privilege to wash their feet, hold their hands, return their smile, carry their water, share their prayers. 

We love you Jesus. Thank you for watching over us and guiding our hearts and souls.  

Til our next post, Glwa pou Bondye!