Thursday, November 15, 2018

Central Church Day 3 - LaFleuri Farm

Greetings from Haiti,
Koman ou ye? Nou se bon!
How are you? We are good!

Today was an amazing day at LaFleuri Farm in Cite Soleil. LaFleuri is approximately 23 acres of land used to produce coconut, sugar cane, basil, plantain, mango, green peppers, and many many more. This land was developed almost 2 years ago with the goal to produce the ability to sustain and feed 1000 people.

Through planting and developing crops that are already growing there while helping them flourish through planting beneficial ones around them will help Healing Haiti not only succeed their goal, but surpass it. LaFleuri helps provides produce for a local cafe in town. We were truly blessed to be able to learn about the plan for sustainability and their vision for the land that God has given them.

Below is a list of our words of the day.
I encourage you to ask the team about them and what their thoughts were because there is so much more depth to the word for each of us than the obvious (or the questions it creates):

Laurie - Protection
Rebecca - Salvation
Zach - Impressed
Amanda - Comforting
Becca - Joy
Mel - Sustainability
Eryka - Plan
Nancy - Awe
Melissa - Flexible
Michael - Amazing
Sam - Vision
Steve - Training
Kate - Grumblings
Tara - Trust

Please continue to pray for our team.
Many Thanks & Blessings.