Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day Four - All About Love

Hi, it’s Emily. Today after breakfast we went to Deux Mains, a fashion organization whose purpose is to create jobs. They make shoes and bags out of upcycled tires. In August they moved into a new factory and hired 12 new employees. 

After touring that facility, we went to Grace Village and toured there too. We got to learn how their school works and walk through their feeding facility. 

Then, finally, we went to Dios, an orphanage for special needs children. There we played with bubbles, played soccer, jumped rope, and took pictures of the children and taped them on foam crosses. Then we sang with the kids and our driver, Jonas, helped us sing some songs in Creole. We had so much fun worshipping with the kids and it was time to leave way too soon. After a quick tour of the houses, we left and returned to the guest house. After dinner tonight, all three teams gathered for a group worship session and Brother Jacob played the guitar and we all sang some songs. That was a great end to a great day. 

God's love was displayed everywhere today-through the job creation at Deux Mains, the support and hope at Grace Village, and the joy and happiness of the children and Dios. I pray that God continues to show His love for us throughout the remainder of the week and keeps us safe during the rest of our activities.