Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 1 - Travel Day

Early Morning Travels

The day started by arriving at the airport at 3:00 am.  Our flight to Miami was on time and full.  

As newbies on this trip, many emotions were being felt throughout the entire day, including:  

  • "Being open for whatever God had in store for us" was felt amongst many of us.  
  • Overwhelmed with many new experiences in what the week would not only give us, but what we can give back to the Haitian people during our week here.  
  • Confusion with many new things traveling abroad
  • Thankfulness for the opportunity and great people we have around us on the trip
  • Patience, as we don't always travel in large groups and must be considerate of others in the group as we make our way from Miami to Port Au Prince. 

Once we arrived, we were greeted with many long lines through immigration and customs and more uncertainty on our part, however, meeting several other groups on their mission helped make us feel that God has greater things in store for all of us here in Haiti.  After a great supper and devotional and much group sharing we are tired from the day and excited for a new day tomorrow

Signing off until tomorrow, 

The Newbies