Friday, December 14, 2018

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 5

!!!  On Day 5, we woke up to the unpleasant reality of “no running water in our guest house!”  I must admit that I felt disgusted and upset and sooooooooooooo disappointed to not be able to shower and wash my hair.   Nevertheless, life does not stop because of such an “inconvenience” in Haiti.  So, life goes on.

Despite no showers, we proceeded with our day; we went to church.  On a Friday at 6 a.m., we went to church.  The church that we attended had originally been destroyed by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, but the people rebuilt it on a rock—hence it is known as The Church on the Rock.  Attending this 6 a.m. service transformed my spirit.  As always happens in church my soul was touched by the Holy Spirit.  My tears began to flow and I felt “convicted”—convicted of unreasonable thoughts.  How could I be angry about “no running water” for a few hours, when my brothers and sisters in Cite Soleil have no running water all day—every day.  How could I dare to focus on a “temporary inconvenience” when God’s blessings are unceasing and so AWESOME!  Our team stayed at The Church on the Rock” for one hour.  During that one- hour experience, we witnessed men and women, girls and boys—all ages—manifesting their unabashed praising of God.  We didn’t understand the words of the minister, nor the lyrics of the keyboard player; however, we all left that church spiritually satiated.  I, personally, left with a new outlook on the day that had started with disappointment.

After a satisfying breakfast and the day’s morning devotion, we were transported to the town of Titanyen where Grace Village is located.  The name of the town, Titanyen, means “little or nothing.”  However, because of God’s “call” on the hearts of some visiting Minnesota, USA residents less than a decade ago, there is “something of great value” to witness in Titanyen—GRACE VILLAGE.  Grace Village—with its orphanage, its church, its affordable medical clinic, its school with a state-of-the-art technology center, and its profit-making bakery and restaurant that employs residents from the village, Titanyen – is a place that God’s hands have undoubtedly touched.  It is a place that one could consider a paradigm for other places in Haiti to follow.

Although there were other activities that our team did on Day 4 that were enjoyable, perhaps the highlight was our visit to two Healing Haiti Village Elders, and the washing of their feet.  You see, Healing Haiti has a special focus on children and being able to keep families together; however, helping to support their village elders and to honor them is also a priority.  One of the ways that their dignity is honored is by massaging their shoulders and washing their feet—humbling ourselves like Jesus humbled himself to His disciples by washing their feet (John 13:1-17).  We duplicated this “expression of love” upon our return to the HH Guesthouse by washing one another’s feet and reflecting upon that personal experience.

Day 5 has been another FULL DAY—some of it disappointing; some of it exhilarating. As the writer of this day’s blog, however, it is important that I re-echo the daily hearts’ desires of our entire team: Glwa Pou Bondye!  Glory to God! -Judith