Saturday, July 27, 2019

Day 6: Dios and Croatian Orphanage

(Steve) Greetings from Haiti ! We started our day of serving God in Haiti with a visit to Dios- a home for disabled children. As we drove into the courtyard, it was empty. Soon children arrived in  wheelchairs, on rollators, on foot, or were carried in. When my eyes connected with the big brown eyes of Kiki I immediately felt at ease. Kiki is non-verbal but is able to nod yes and no to my broken French. We spent time together tossing a frisbee ring,blowing bubbles, and laughing at the antics of my mission family. Mainly we were connected in the love of Christ. Despite his physical limitations, I soon realized that he comprehends much and pray that his ability to communicate will be assisted in the future. 


Our visit ended all too quickly and we drove into Croatian Orphanage.  The children at this home are a bit older and without disabilities. We were greeted with songs praising God.We interacted with the children in a variety of activities including basketball, bingo, drawing, and others. While I was waiting at the drawing station, Fabrice shyly stopped by, then sat down and began to draw the sequential forms that were provided. Michelle asked him to draw her portrait and he obliged. His face was totally glowing with joy as he focused on his ad hoc project.               

After some time back at the guesthouse to reflect on the days' experiences, we appreciated the talents that God has given to all of these children, disabled or not, and further recognized the talents that we have been given as team members to share and help others to grow. As Paul in his letter to the Phillippians 4:5" Let your gentleness be known to all men.  The Lord is at hand."

Steve Corse