Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Blessed to be a Blessing

Today brought the gift of meeting and engaging with two FMSC partners that Incarnation has not previously visited, Help for Haiti and Hot Futbol. Help for Haiti was established in the mid nineties and Sandra and Pastor John who lead this organization have faithfully obeyed the call and over the years have established a variety of ministries serving some of Haiti's most vulnerable - children, elderly, handicap and homeless. We served elderly and handicapped individuals by distributing food, clothing, soap, crutches and canes. We also prayed individually for those receiving resources and care, giving these precious children of God the dignity they don't often receive due to age, illness, and perceived burden on society. Hot Futbol is an after school soccer program that not only teaches children ages 6-17 fundamentals of soccer but also builds leadership skills, assists with academics, provides positive role models, and Bible teaching all while receiving a FMSC meal every day. Interestingly on Saturday game days, Hot Futbol not only feeds their team but also provides the opposing team an FMSC meal. We were inspired by the passion and sense of calling Ricardo (lead) and Andy (an assistant) have for this ministry and their love for the children they serve. Hot Futbol is also a depot for other smaller ministry partners who may not be able to receive direct distribution from FMSC. Food from FMSC Coon Rapids packed on July 10, 2017 was located in their container. A portion of our group also visited a home for sick and dying children. One participant expressed how she was moved spiritually as she could feel the warmth of God's presence even after putting the little girl down. While language barriers exist, the small reaching arms and the call for mama from immobile infants was common language making it easy to pick up and love on the children but so difficult to put down and let go of an outreached hand. Participants also enjoyed interacting with several 3-5 year old children who were healthy enough to be mobile but still receiving care. It's amazing to see how eager and welcoming children are even with strangers. We engaged in laughter and excitement. As we heard the stories of Sandra, Pastor John, Ricardo, and Andy it inspires us to listen for God's call and take action in our own ways, using our own gifts. Never underestimate what God can do with a small segment of time and gifts to bless others.