Sunday, October 14, 2018

Rendevouz Christ/Wahoo Bay Beach Scott/Wermager 10-14-18

Today we went to an amazing service at "Rendevouz Christ" where the Haitians were extremely welcoming and loving towards us.  We were able to worship with them in half english and half creole, and for the actual sermon we were given headphones with a translator.  The pastor spoke biblical truth in a way that was extremely relateable and just reminded us that no matter what city, state, country, or culture we are from, we all worship and praise the same God.  The music was absolutely beautiful, and the church was stunning, you can tell they have a lot of pride for their congregation.  We were grateful to have been part of it.

We then stopped at the guesthouse quickly to change and get on the road to Wahoo Bay Beach.  The hour long ride there seemed like an eternity, because we were all so excited for the ocean!  This entire week we were blessed with beautiful weather, and today was no exception! The sun was shining, and most of us have burn lines to prove it ;)  We were taken back by the beauty God has created.  The crystal clear blue water, the mountains with clouds coming out from the tops, and the vibrant flowers were stunning.  We enjoyed swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, jumping on the trampoline, drinking cocounut water and authentic fruit smoothies for several hours.  It's remarkable the vast difference we have seen from different parts of Haiti throughout the week, it really is such a beautiful country with even more beautiful people.

We ended the night singing happy birthday to our team mate Leah and enjoying some chocolate birthday cake, and had one last devotional with each other.  We collected all of our pictures on the computer, and had an hour long slide show, reminiscing about the past week we were blessed to spend with each other.  It is so hard to believe we are going home tomorrow.  We may be leaving Haiti tomorrow, but it will be engrained in our hearts forever.

Please help us in praying for safe travels, continued safety and love for the Haitians, the staff here that have played such an important role in our success of this trip, and our friends and family back home as they will also have to adjust to our changed hearts.