Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hosanna! Student Ministries Haiti Team Blog - Day 4

Hi family and friends back home!

The fourth day in Haiti was a blast and we can’t wait to tell you all about it when we return, but here’s a little preview ;) It started off visiting a bakery called Fleri Bakery and Restaurant. This is a place created by Healing Haiti to give local Haitians steady jobs. It’s so important to keep the economy going with job creation and you can see how much it impacts the people here. Next we visited Grace Village, another place started by Healing Haiti. Grace Village is a huge “campus” that contains dorms, a church, family style houses, transition dorms, a clinic, a farm, an innovation lab, a feeding center, and so much more. Here orphaned children can learn life skills through each other and their resources. We led the first ever session in the innovation lab with some of the Grace Village children. They played educational games on iPads, made iMovies, and coded a little robot called the SpheroBall to make a canvas painting. These kids are so incredibly smart and taught us so much we didn’t know already about technology. The goal of this innovation lab is to explore and learn hobbies or talents through technology and you can tell the kids will go far with this opportunity. Grace Village values love and family so they set up 6 houses where kids live with a mom and other children. The families eat meals together, do chores, and other activities around campus. Older children are taught skills to use outside in the real world and some even start working at Fleri Bakery. After the tour we started to visit some of the elderly people Healing Haiti sponsors. We visited 5 elders, all different personalities but full of life and joy. We washed their feet, rubbed lotion on their arms and backs, and gave them massages. Along with us we brought them a warm meal and cold drink for them to enjoy. The elders loved singing along to popular worship songs with us and before we left we were lucky enough to pray for each of them and their worries. We finished off the day with an amazing traditional Haitian meal and some impactful devotion time with our team. The Holy Spirit moved so many of our hearts today and we are so lucky to be given this opportunity to be in Haiti.

Comments from Blogger of the Day:

Kylie: Miss you all back home so much! Can’t wait to see you soon!!! :)